Behringer EP2500
Behringer EP2500
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sam-peter 09/13/2005

Behringer EP2500 : sam-peter's user review


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The opinions of the other using a toffe yours, I have this amp and uses spare tire to replace a Citronic c9, but not bone up on to lead the pair of low-medium ki are part of a rack of amps (peavey, crest audio, yamaha, Citronic) food for active filter. Nothing as testing (20 minutes) has full power to my conclusion here must k'il would sometimes babble and comments to be heated. for low-level but it is low.
Nothing is striking in the box but his appearance seems ki Pro. no great battles all land was taken with (him). But I have not mfiant roti filled with amps ki coils heat up and am not the restaurateur to operate ke bowls. Miss an evening is not possible so I prefer to use as backup or to animate accessories techno but not too technical for him to spit it is assumed k'il digr views the characteristics and power ad. Behringer but wanted to reassure his amp Dumoine the 2500 is far (I prsume) to provide. not against progress and am on is one of those behringer ke ki advance to give a hand to small grants.