Boost PA 2200
Boost PA 2200

PA 2200, Dual-Channel Power Amp from Boost.

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Ipwarrior 04/23/2005

Boost PA 2200 : Ipwarrior's user review


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Usage: 2 years but with some rare DJs that saturates everything. No breaks to report, in 4 ohms.
Special feature: simple amp for the 150 people
Many models before buying it: no, it was the first. Less punchy in the low mesa a manufactured home (in 2x100RMS 2N3055 8ohms bridged with 660VA transformer is flipperx2). The PA2200 do not heat much.
Quality / price ratio: let's say 7.5 out of 10: it runs well as against the other stuff ... beware of PA2600.
I would do this choice: yes to the 100W. on the other hand in 2x250WRMS and beyond, to another brand where the receiver accepts the complex loads. Ditto if your speakers are bowls with "PRO" BL such large (greater than 20 N / A for the 8ohms in hp). For the low hp broadband BL the PA may very well be the case otherwise (such 12AG1N or the last born of bicone Beyma: 102db/70hz-18Khz/250WRMS: the PA must be able to this kind of driver hp but not a pure bass).

It's good basic amp: for cons I had to put more brushes for cable exit in use 4 ohms (4 speakers).
it's roughly dévelloppe 4ohms 2x160 / 2x130 8ohms.
I use them vertically, there is less risk (no I pile the amps, unless ventilation is "pro" type tunnel).
I'm glad: for the price it's still pretty serious stuff like.
As against the PA2600 I do not recommend it: it does not support the speakers too inductive.
So: OK PA2200, PA2600 OK on HP light (BL less than 20N / A) but not for the pro (BL from 22 to 25 N / A): he loves no .... FYI the hp which is 25N / A c is the WIGO (old hp 1971 with 125 grams of moving mass for a 30 cm with a 0.11 QT: we do produce more and that's normal ...)
So if you have monsters in HP does NOT take the Boost!
Good for the HP BL moderate.