Boost PX 1100
Boost PX 1100

PX 1100, Dual-Channel Power Amp from Boost.

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sonopro 02/21/2012

Boost PX 1100 : sonopro's user review

" No problem!"

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Depending on this amp for several years as well as his little brother Boost PX 600 has never been a problem, I do not therefore include the flood of negative opinions about them. Of course I also use QSC amps whose performance is far superior. In conclusion, I find that the price / quality ratio of these amps is perfectly acceptable since it requires not one of them the same return as you would expect from more expensive amps. I use it continuously for sound rooms without side there was no overheating or distortions such as described in other reviews. With the experience I do not regret this choice since I started opérationnel.Utilisé always correctly it can easily cover an event for 100 people with brilliant sound more than acceptable if coupled with adequate enclosures (eg: Electrovoice SX300)