berl 04/26/2012

Crest Audio CA 9 : berl's user review

" Good sound but not reliable."

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I bought three in 1996.
Use of subwoofers or speakers facade broadband.
Excellent dynamics, large power reserve, excellent damping that remains good even at low impedances.
Modular construction, large transformer ring (the weight of the amp that goes with it).
But after 4-5 years of use quiet, gradually they all fell down. A channel goes into protection after 10/20 minutes, the other running normally.
They left in Review, I changed the input boards (originally they were in inches, the new cards are traditional components) ... and it worked a year and then re-belote.
The criterion "reliability" deserved a "poor" or less.
However, I put "average" as the sound quality is excellent ... pity that this is not the case of long life.