Crown 800 CSL
Crown 800 CSL

800 CSL, Dual-Channel Power Amp from Crown.

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Eric.gui 09/07/2004

Crown 800 CSL : Eric.gui's user review


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The series is "co", but the technology is Crown l. The electronic is substantially the same as the MA and MT sries that cost 40% more expensive. on the other hand, one is more powerful than CSL800 MT600 having the same number of transistors: they are ultimately MT 600 or MA "dbrids", the CSL are therefore more fragile. Regrets: No XLR, and protections are innficaces if you connect the amp in 2ohm: feedback, I saw a beautiful bouquet of flame on a CSL800! This is good all the same bte, recommend, all fawn, when we take care of his stuff, there is no problem.