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schme 07/16/2003

Crown MA 3600VZ : schme's user review


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Dual mono amp that 2u rack 26 Kg (very dense!)
2 * 1000Watts / 8ohms
2 * 1400Watts / 4ohms
2 * 1800Watts / 2ohms
Paying-off factor of> 1000 sub 8ohms

bought used and used for 6 months I must admit that this amp is monstrous in every way.
Used to power two subs EV MTL2C (1200W/4ohm) I must say that it is the receiver of the situation. It delivers a serious sound and precise.

On the extreme music for stess bass amps (especially the jungle ...) he manages to escape, although very hot.
The breakdown of the amp seems insufficient (a single small fan to power 3000Watts)
Beware of hot air is expelled at the sides which need a suitable rack.

most: the dynamic sound, accurate and precise
Cons: weight, heat dissipation