Crown VZ 5000
Crown VZ 5000

VZ 5000, Dual-Channel Power Amp from Crown.

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macdriverz 11/02/2005

Crown VZ 5000 : macdriverz's user review


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-Used for 8 years, I think it's an essential reference, a price must! on the other hand I have not had the chance to buy OCCAZ, then believe me, given the weight Buy now!

-The special? A power supply which gives the impression of never being short of power. The sound is still very clear, it is obviously perfect for the driver in sub / /.

Considering the price of OCCAZ, I hesitate to buy back, my back is holding me back.

It's great to use fixed to avoid roaming: it is too heavy and my rack 2 5000 + VZ mips broke at the handle.