DAS P 1100
DAS P 1100
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Fuzz MKII 09/14/2013

DAS P 1100 : Fuzz MKII's user review

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4 months

Yes boost pa pa in 2200 and 2600, bst, power (the old mark several apk, a jumbo, NI 400 ...), a 1400 ps DAS

Oh yes it is a great amp

Pros: Well ventilated, protected against all sound without noise, which does not saturate even cranked, no cracking when the knobs while it is running on 86 ... what a real tank.

The least? Apart from the weight I do not see much, if a fragility switch on the back to switch to 4 ohm or 8 ohm switch to Mono Stereo

The value for money? this amp was worth more than 8,000 francs in the year 80 is a roughly 1200 euros so yes it's more than good as Q / P and for those who say it is old-fashioned, apart from the front which really do vintage and Again, the sound is the same or even better than new amps DAS