Hill Audio Ltd DX 1000
Hill Audio Ltd DX 1000

DX 1000, Dual-Channel Power Amp from Hill Audio Ltd.

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Xeon95 09/21/2013

Hill Audio Ltd DX 1000 : Xeon95's user review

«  the miracle vintage »

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In another life, I had a park with 8 DX1000 in the 90s. I still have two today. Great sound quality, high power reserve, I those with bargraph, hyper useful. Bridgage the buzz a little.
It is a robust hyper amp sound electronically and physically indestructible. There is a very ingenious grip on all edges, which allows good handling. Fortunately because the animal must be 23 or 25 Kgs. No Speakon (it does not exist).
Today, I am a HS fan controller, so he turns to background. Even then it is not noisy, and the other a volume knob that is tired of life, unfortunately, not easy to disassemble.
With 30 years experience, so I go back to that time to make that choice :)