img Stage Line STA-700
img Stage Line STA-700

STA-700, Dual-Channel Power Amp from img Stage Line.

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bob86 05/26/2007

img Stage Line STA-700 : bob86's user review


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I use it since September 2005, a product report / quality ireprochable prices.
I use it with a pair of 10 AudioPhony fiesta 250 watts 8 ohms and a pair of 250 watts Farlow mac 8ohms. I made the mobile disco and I'm very happy for price and sound clarity of sound. The qualiter sound power is the ability to connect and are especially price. The criticisms sound starting noise when my hot no one hears more and diode power is strong, my little practice to be read the titles on CD even if I no longer used! I commanc with a bst that was not powerful enough of my his your the blow if it was a remake I do