Mac Mah SLX 450 II
Mac Mah SLX 450 II

SLX 450 II, Dual-Channel Power Amp from Mac Mah.

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Passss 02/14/2007

Mac Mah SLX 450 II : Passss's user review


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2 * 300W amp rms / 8 ohms, 2 * 450W rms / 4 ohms
modes: bridge / stereo / parallel
sensitivity-10db, 0db or 4db
hat pass filter, low pass, bypass
switch limiter inrush currents
In: XLR or Jack mono 6.35
Out: Speakon terminals or
Earth disconnectable
The parallel mode is very practical need to connect an input, convenient to put 2 subwoofers when a single subwoofer output on the sound processor for example.
making correct, it looks tough
No handles, so a little less convenient to install in the rack, especially when the rack in question is already full well.
Average price € 230 (May 2006)
The sound quality is good
The price / quality ratio seems correct, to do with the time, I just have it.
Filter functions not tested.
Note that the SLX Series II amps have safeguards which have been adjusted, a filter and a limiter + & saw a meter whose scale has been re-Sample survey.
I had the OCCAZ to test series 1 SLX450 a weekend festival in the world, I was satisfied, I expect so much of the series 2.
I put 9 because a thorough search I found this amp used & guaranteed for € 170 and it is rather rare to find a 900W amp that holds up at this price

6 months later and the amp tested in several nights, I'm glad the fitlres work well, the parallel mode is very convenient, no problem to report.