Peavey PV 1500
Peavey PV 1500

PV 1500, Dual-Channel Power Amp from Peavey in the PV series.

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MGR/James Yeakey 12/03/2004

Peavey PV 1500 : MGR/James Yeakey's user review

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Paid $400.00/1500(2) and $325/900 at Smith Music in Quincy IL Bought them as starter amps in a new PA system. the 900 is used to drive the stage monitors. The 2 1500 drive the mains and subs.

The are good amps for the price. They each have very bright led's that I can see from a good distance to know when they are getting close to peak. Plus they have the DDT system that helps with clipping and distortion. 3 speed fans to cool them off and they are fully automatic

They dont have 1/4 speaker outputs. and they arent as flexible for different impedence situations.

The outer casing is very thick almost to the point of being too heavy. The rack mounts are heavy gauge steel as well so there is no twisting or rear support req'd.

All in all these are good amps. Especially coming from Peavey. They are slowly making a comeback to better quality equipment.and for the price they are very competitive

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