QSC RMX 1450
QSC RMX 1450
jeremdj 10/16/2005

QSC RMX 1450 : jeremdj's user review


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-Bought a year and a half since a particular sum of 450 euro in excellent state.
-Strengths: no doubt the reliability (I will research prioritcar excellent quality of manufacture (QSC Sennheiser's sound ...), the quality is there! (No blast low volume)
-Weaknesses: IDAL to operate two satellites 300 WRMS kind of Behringer B1520 would be a fair bit but to attack bunkers 46cm 2 into 8 ohms. (2x280rms into 8 ohms)
Deprecated-use monitoring as loud fan.
-The weight / power ratio

Another note: In addition to buying an RMX 2450 to run your boxes though can be a bit expensive for certains.sinon choose an amp with Phonic MAX

I would put 9 / 10 because perfection is not to the world ...