QSC USA 1310
QSC USA 1310
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Vstudio 02/12/2007

QSC USA 1310 : Vstudio's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
How long have you use it? : 4 years (10 amps)

Particular feature that you like
- Excellent attack (time rponse)
- Versatility
- Reliability (no down )!!!!
The least
- Can be the weight, but hey, when you lug around to the sound, we know what we are exposed in terms of effort ...

Report qualitprix: Excellent

You do again this choice: Without hsiter, but it is no longer in the catalog. The new sries equivalents (RMX) are not the height, you must type in to find the PLX equivalence, but the price is not the same ...