Yamaha P3200
Yamaha P3200
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riton_lafouine 08/31/2005

Yamaha P3200 : riton_lafouine's user review


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Used in a theater sound system to move a barrier to RAMSA 250W, used in another theater for stage monitors

this amp has never let go of the past 5 years, always present, never galley, a reserve power friendly, it sounds enough for the Rams. I compared this to a aprem Amcron Series Macrotech (2x300w), the Yamaha is still pales in comparison ... much less precise, I think in a professional string sound (concerts etc) it is a fair bit, but it has the advantage of being cheap and very reliable ... for the same budget, it is clear that in this price range, the yamaha defends ... but with a larger budget, I will buy something else for this theater. AH yes test on return YAMAHA 15 'Series IV