moosers 01/30/2010

Audix D6 : moosers's user review


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The Audix D6 is a small dynamic microphone designed for use on a kick drum.  I've only used the mic inside of the recording studio, but it can definitely be used for live shows as well.  It is a compact microphone, which is a big plus as far as use with kick drum go as it makes it easy to place inside the kick.  The mic has a cardioid pick up pattern and will pick up frequencies in between 30 Hz and 15 KHz.


My use of the Audix D6 is limited to use with a kick drum inside of the recording studio, but I believe that the mic would have some versatility if I tried it out on other drums.  Having said this, this review will focus on the use of the D6 in tandem with a kick drum, as this is what the original purpose of the mic is and is what it is probably best for.  They say that the mic is actually tuned and tailored for use with a kick drum, which I don't doubt as it is great for this application.  While I do prefer the sound of an AKG D112 or a Shure Beta 52A, the Audix D6 is another fine choice for recording kick drum as it give you a nice and full sound, which both the low end booming and a nice attack to go along with it.  I love how compact the D6 is, as it makes it a breeze to stick inside of a kick drum and place it wherever I see fit.  I find that with some of the other kick drum mics that I previously mentioned, it can be a bit harder to fit them inside the kick drum and once I get them in there, it is a bit hard to move around.  These problems are washed away with the D6, which makes me think that it would be great for live shows since it would only take a second to place, although I can't say I've yet had experience using this mic in a live setting.  The price of the Audix D6 is right in the same range as the D112 and the 52A, so the three mics are probably a good place to start and shoot out when looking for a kick mic.  While the D6 wouldn't be my first choice of the three, it is a very solid mic on its own and should definitely be the discussion.