Behringer XM1800S
Behringer XM1800S

XM1800S, Dynamic Microphone from Behringer in the Ultravoice series.

bioman666 01/25/2005

Behringer XM1800S : bioman666's user review


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Micro chant basic dynamic and cardio. switch.


Ben is doing very well the job. Same kind as the XM8500 (I too), I was fine to be very careful record and all, are very similar. The only diffrence: a greater propensity to give the feedback, its a very very very slightly more stock (but they must hear the voice only to realize it) and look much less "pro".

M'enfin is still a matter completely unbeatable: three micro valid in a suitcase for 30 ... the ideal solution for choirs or RPET. It is solid.

PS note would recess into account the price. I RPET: the microphone 10 and a third of briefcase (albeit with a third suitcase is not going away, but to exact a division). I've had more expensive AKG (like 50 ... ok it's not death, but we talk about between micro-level) and much more ... mitteux