Behringer XM8500
Behringer XM8500

XM8500, Dynamic Microphone from Behringer in the Ultravoice series.

Niko's_38 12/03/2004

Behringer XM8500 : Niko's_38's user review


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All t dja said ....

Good mic, good rponse in frquence Jusu '14-15 KHz, the low frequency accorche is very much a distance of 8-10 cm and as all the microphones optimum distance of 1-2 cm.


Currently I use 2 XM8500, the first was offered me there almost a year and the second I am buying it are two different weeks.

While purchasing among other things I try a shure SM58, and compared it is found almost gnral, whether its look, at the level pop / feedback / robustness, the only regret in the XM8500 comparison of the SM58, a punch thrown in less high frequencies> 10 kHz.

His report qualitprix not say I use essentielelment for the movie and karaoke currently no regrets. Note that in such public entertainment, the microphones are not immune from chutte ... So be it's better than a SM58 XM8500 that makes a fall, not c is in the robustness cause is the price ....

If like me you do the animation karaoke spread the XM8500, the ones you see for the first time that 'moo' or 'screaming' into the microphone, or who n'on really no talent for song is not dvaloriser people it's just out of respect of hardware