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Electro-Voice PL-80 : Anonymous 's user review


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Ahhh. The Electro Voice PL series. A great line of microphones that are newer, but generally, tend to absolutely beat just about any other microphone out there when it comes to value. Except for maybe E V's other line of mics the N/D's. At any rate, this particular microphone is the PL 80, a great and robust looking thing with a great finish and that classically burnt out PL grill color. Although, it does come in a classic finish, which is silver with a black grill. That is quite the neat look as well. The PL 80 is a dynamic microphone designed for live hand held vocal use. In normal and typical fashion of this particular company, the microphones have been biased to be super cardioid patterned so that the pick up is tighter and the feedback rejection is much greater and the instrument and channel bleed is less. The PL 80 has a frequency response that starts down at an 80 Hz, like all of the other mics in the PL line, but I like to think of its as a free roll off, and goes up to 16,000 Hz. This makes for some quite respectable tone. This mic is touted as one that accentuates power and clarity, with lack of color in the sound and almost no handling noise whatsoever. It comes with a stand adapter and a soft gig bag for transportation. Very nice of Electro Voice to include such amenities.


I have noticed that Electro Voice's claim of low handling noise is rather wrong, considering the fact that I heard the mic shifting in my hands when I used it. That is certainly not something I want to hear especially from a company that has almost always delivered 100% on their claims! However, the sound is exactly as Electro Voice describes it, so if you get a chance, see what this microphone is like!