Prodipe TT1 Lanen
Prodipe TT1 Lanen

TT1 Lanen, Dynamic Microphone from Prodipe.

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magicremy 01/12/2011

Prodipe TT1 Lanen : magicremy's user review

«  Incredible! ! For the price! ! »

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Really amazing what microphone!

A friend bought 4 for the group. Tested this morning repeated. When he told me the price, I thought, "Phew! Still a karaoke microphone with a toy and its extreme fragility."
When I heard the sound (though not great sound) I am left speechless.

Moreover, as said its designer Ludovic Lanen: "As over 30 years, I first trust my ears rather than refer to a tariff, I can with this new reference offer once again the excellence at a price never seen "
And I must say that for once, it's not false advertising ...

Well, actually, good dynamics, good bass present (perhaps a bit too much on the spoken or sung, but it is easily corrected in Equa) and acute enough simpa also (not aggressive in any case). Note also a perfect unidirectionality.
Proof: We recorded the whole group in multitrack. On the drums, I play normally, but I still fear that the battery too repissent and speakers into the microphone. Then listening to the vocal tracks unqiue: bin and it's clean, everything is clean, almost as if we had recorded the voice overdubs.
Then they proceeded to record battery (re-re), and proof that this microphone is capable of any situation is that I put 2 in Over Head, one on the bass drum and one in Tom Low. Result: the cymbals still fairly thin and the other 2 microphones, a warm and deep, all WITHOUT ECUADOR!

Well, wait, I immediately reassure the titilleurs, we do agree, it's not a micro studio or a professional microphone (like Neumann or others) but for the price is particularly impressive! In fact (I have not really had the time nor the conditions for the test correctly) some say it is better than the good old SM58. It is true that when one is accustomed to "sound" of Shure, we appreciate not necessarily others.

Last detail to note: the On / Off. For now, it has not been a problem but apparently, over time, dust go to the button and there may be cracking. The best would be to the Gaffer on the button (position is, of course) since it is not really useful.

========= What kind of microphone? (Song, sound, mixed ..)

Live conditions of course but can also troubleshoot (troubleshooting only) in home studio because, as stated above, this is a very good mic for the price, but it is not by no means a static one.

For the song of course but also, why not transplanted some instrumentals (follow its response curve in Hertz; photo attached). Me I have not tested on snare drum (or guitar) but I do not think it gives a transcendent effect on these frequency ranges. It does not distort the sound, but will not have much interest. You be the judge

========= Most important characteristics

Micro Dynamics

(Comes with a cable XLR / XLR 3m)


To conclude, it is a good mic live that could have its place in a park in a microwave next to the soundman sm57/58 but I am sure, will not be because of the price (surprisingly below) that can frighten those who do not know and can give an impression of amateurism. Its value for money is simply OUTSTANDING! Enjoy it, for less than 40 € you risk nothing ...

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