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The T.bone BD300
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high_ligh high_ligh
Publié le 05/29/08 à 13:04
It is a dynamic microphone used instead for the bass drum and bass. Seems strong. Regardless of the finish, it's the sound that counts ...


It's been 8 months since I use it, I could compare it with the beta 52 that I use for 4 years, the D112 and beta91. The t-bone sounding board, it forces you to make multiple correction to the EQ, compression ... In short it either recording or even concert, remember ... if not the end of the lollipop remains at the entrance hole of the bass drum, not exceeded let the skin as floating waves go even rot sound. J do not even dare to record a demo with. Even through a slice of SSL console with a compressor lamps I also tried it on a Mackie CFX12 a 01V96 Mackie TT24 and midas venice, the sound is much better with SSL but is not the expected frequency response. It lacks the fundamental frequency located about 80 Hz, but the medium side has 3kHz (it's not clear so for those who want to sound "modern" harmonics are not taken at their fair values) the sound is quite dirty.
For conclusion, it is my opinion the best thing is that you try it. But do not buy it without trying it otherwise there is a risk of big disappointment. AH IF it can be used to resume the bass and bass drum for a repeat (if needed).
Only positive point, it still captures the sound so it deserves 2.
I never refairai this choice (all experience is good to take
If you want to learn how to use the EQ, compressor and all the trimmings for corrections, take T-bone, there a job. (Tube mics I still do not know what they are worth.