Behringer Ultra-Dyne Pro DSP9024
Behringer Ultra-Dyne Pro DSP9024

Ultra-Dyne Pro DSP9024, Dynamic Processor from Behringer.

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cyberseb 05/05/2003

Behringer Ultra-Dyne Pro DSP9024 : cyberseb's user review


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This is a compressor / gate 6-band limiter with wideband ULTRAMIZER (sort of level before the Tagus compression). Basic inputs are analog symtrique, of course Jack / XLR. A map can be added for I / O numriques. The unit is also equipped with a midi interface to edit the settings from a computer (I know, only Windows PC). MODEL is a 19 "rack, but you can remove Querre rack.


The configuration is very simple, the manual and everything is well provided for a regular trs clear of such devices.
We can work frquences rgler the bands, all custom settings compressor / gate usual, the time limit is adjustable, and there is a fake emulator amp lamp is o choose the type of lamp, and the level of color desire nothing else trs original.


So first, I prciser I did test the analog I / O. The rglage levels performed (not enough prcis my taste, viewing levels to hound the well at all), I pass the config processing. The compressor is not too dguelasse, a trend well pump, even by adjusting the attack / release with onions. The gate works well without hatching, the device knows apprhender signal (more prcis recess with a longer time limit). The limiter is carrment dgueulasse is puke, so we work more with this type of treatment, compressors, just to avoid the limiter. + It is by the security as a last resort to avoid the release of crter that to strengthen the signal, but it's a little order to a broadband limiter. Otherwise the simulator lamp, I'm not tense it, I let each his own apprciate we like it or not.
Ultramizer function gives a little more EHJV, but the sound is as much DGRAD +. If you have a fairly clean and efficient compression, this option is not.
This device is rather average in quality, in line with Behringer products, but for the price, do not expect either a TC Electronics. Well enough to make models, and to get their hands on the multiband compressor, do not ask him more.


I use this device in broadcast application for emergency treatment, with two beginners in audioprism Texar chain, making the work less behringer, so we arrived in benefit more, but that I would never device alone.
The report is qualitprix honnte, knowing that by dbrouillant well, we just found this device to 250 Euros.