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slow_pulse_boy 11/12/2004

PreSonus CL44 : slow_pulse_boy's user review


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Compressor / limiter linkable analog 4 channel 2 2, which is just a number but potentially btard done everything for me (for Securing a record four live tracks, or use as an insert in the 4 input XLR're my sound card).
SETTING THE trs complete with compression: Threshold, Ratio, High-pass, Attack, Release. Add a single knob for the threshold limit, a compander for planing dynamics also at the bottom (apparently quite discreet) and a gain. A button "optical" provides a compression "vintage" (I do not know if it's vintage but the diffrence is), another automated attack and release, let us add a button of link channel, a bypass, and a saw-nitre rduction showing the level of the signal.
Each channel has an input and an XLR output format, a format TRS insert jack (with a switch to reverse polarity and one for connection to sidechain. The level of sound is param trable by a switch (-10 or +4 db).

For the price, I really do not see what's missing, though, the connection is not very practical ...


The knobs are notched on all their race, and graduations are thinking intelligently, for example, 12 represents the ratio 2:1. On the other hand, the most difficult to rglages for nophyte (attack and release) may be in favor of a dlaisss rglage automatic ear seems to me fine.
The manual, because in English only, do not look, you can even say that it is extremely ugly and made amateur. If the form allows DSIR, the background is irrprochable function and includes a succinct tutorial on compression and that of actual notice. There are examples of well rglages for the guitar, the snare or the voice (with a possibility of use as desseur).
In Charcha well, he may be missing a pair of diagrams, even when.


I may be a BTIS, but I feel that the use knobs heels are not properly compared to the values ​​posters, which is not r dhibitoire trsgnant but for the grip. So, a 0dB limiter rglage stack generates compression and nasty buggers.
The compander is a Mystra for me. At least it does not add breath, but I'm not sure so far as to do something, and the doc is not explicit on this subject trs.
About the compression, which is when the same basic function of the device, so good. I have used this day as a bass and guitars (and on synths / rhythm box "to see.") I would have done tests on the occasion of the vote. ..
At least to gain background, the unit adds virtually no wind.


I use it for 3-4 months.
My exprience compressor / limiter was limited until the effect pedals. So I put on my account inexprience most of what I could blame this unit, an exception prs: connectors (one input / output or send / return jacks in 2 t have much practice, especially when you compare the price of a jack Stereo with that of two mono jacks).
In view of its possibilities and its price, I do not regret my purchase, it is all the same more convenient than carrying two dbx and much cheaper than a compressor 8 channels.