Ibanez Electric Basses news

  • New Ibanez 4, 5-String Fretless Basses

    New Ibanez 4, 5-String Fretless Basses

    06/09/12 in Ibanez SR375F

    Ibanez announces 4 and 5-String fretless versions of their SR370 and SR375 basses.

  • Ibanez Jet King JTKB300 Mini-Review

    Ibanez Jet King JTKB300 Mini-Review

    10/25/10 in Ibanez JTKB300

    We all know the classic Ibanez bass guitar series: the SR range with its thin neck and integrated active electronics; the more characterful BTB range; the ATK range with its triple pickup that has been rocking the world of music since the 90's; the EDB range launched first in composite synthetic materials and then revisited in wood... But the obje…

  • Ibanez BTB 700DX Review

    Ibanez BTB 700DX Review

    09/06/10 in Ibanez BTB700DX

    The BTB (Boutique Bass acronym) represents one of the nine IBANEZ bass families. It was conceived to provide features of a boutique instrument at an affordable price for the masses. Now, if I can only decide on the red or black finish..

  • Ibanez ICB010LTD-RDF

    Ibanez ICB010LTD-RDF

    05/05/10 in Ibanez ICB010LTD

    The Ibanez ICB010LTD RDF 4-String Bass Guitar, is a Limited Edition with a GSR4 Maple neck, Mahogany body, black shark pickguard and hidden shark tooth Inlay.

  • Ibanez SRA Series of Basses

    Ibanez SRA Series of Basses

    02/01/10 in Ibanez SRA500

    In 2010, Ibanez introduces the SRA, the newest addition to its SR family of bass guitars.

  • Ibanez SRT Series

    Ibanez SRT Series

    02/01/10 in Ibanez SRT

    For 2010, Ibanez unveils the new SRT model.

  • Ibanez introduces Soundgear SR750&SR750

    Ibanez introduces Soundgear SR750&SR750

    07/06/08 in Ibanez SR750

    Ibanez presents the SR750 et SR755 bass guitars, two newcomers in the brand's Soundgear series.