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Zim-zim 03/03/2003

Cort B4 FL : Zim-zim's user review


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Once out of the beautiful tui cardboard in which it is provided, it is clear, THE FIRST vision, that this instrument is very well done and enjoyable possde a look trs between a classic Jazz Bass and Tobias. But commenons at the beginning, as some would say, namely the description of the fretless.
Bolt the 4-point-free plate, not a polished wenge wood is dense with an African trs trs made good in the lower mdium, one pice dune; key report e of the same wood has taken only two octaves on the edge with small white spots very practical when Lumire down, the head, design lgant with its upper part ner of bitten, has 4 bathrooms mcaniques dhuile that seem to be Gotoh, the nut is plastic dun remember the graphite.
The body in two pices frne marsh is covered with varnish HoneyBurst bright dun allow a view of the wood trs lil enjoyable, and the humbuckers are stamped Bartolini mk1 l Electronic 3-band active (volume, balance, treble, mdiums, bass) is also manufactured by this leading supplier of low frequencies, the tailpiece and the bridge are like on Alembic spars or Warwick with the possibility for the bridge can rgler string height thanks a clever screw Systm: indeed, each bridge is individual, which helps sustain, and adjustable in length but especially in height, it just as a screw, whose head is hollow and adapted to the passage dune rope quil enough to run in one direction or lautre; allows the tailpiece, for him, a quick installation of a system that strings thanks dencoches identical to the above-mentioned low. The output jack is fixed for its part, on the edge of linstrument.
To conclude this description, I must point out that the lacca 9-volt battery is done by removing the 2 screws of a small hatch located larrire the body, although empty.


The purpose dun electric instrument as DTRE branch of an amp, do not do it and tell us about the beautiful Couton empty. Indeed, we must never lose sight (or douie, if present) quune electric instrument is also some dplaise nen, an acoustic instrument. And he talks about this instrument, he sings even on lintgralit its range. The precision in the note to an instrument of this price (about 700, according to the crmerie) is thundering as it continues up aprslattaque, which is the sign dune good fretless, and dcrot gradually. The handle vibrates under the thumb and the body passes the vibration trs well, the bridges mentioned above ny certainly not as foreigners. Ms. neutral, here on the r THE FIRST octave of the G string, is not even Gnant little discernible for the ear not accustomed phnomne. L also, it must do not forget the acoustic design of the fretless like that makes any wooden instrument, that there is a lon-called dead is in fact on the handle o lendroit a note (in the best case) is absorbed and sounds much more slowly than others. This problem, do not worry (well, fawn to speak), is found on all instruments (even your Steinway 50,000) who place timber works and it is often frquence of rsonance of it. There are various means of lattnuer dplacer often consisting of two notes, location where it is, forcment less annoying: cest for this, among other things, Fender during the redesign of Precision, changed the head of it (a great mass dplace this famous point).
Our lower back and continue the tour acoustic dhorizon. The handle is very easy to play, fine and strait but not as an Ibanez that is, my fingers, too late and too strait: in short, a good compromise. Labsence back of the button will only be felt if you your perfect beginners in which case it will require you to work your ear. CCAA is ample less acute davoir hand standards. Key, you had to wait sy, not perfect nest, remain in various parts of the small default that make the string sound, according to the note played, more or less snoring. Let this put you off: a luthier in a planimtrie you Cotera between 75 and 150, which, given the quality and price of linstrument, can be as Whereas rdhibitoire. One word of advice though, if you make a DCID planimtrie linstrument on, I would strongly advise you, wait a few months of washing jou so that the handle is best done : thank you men.
Before moving on to test the electric Cort, still a little advice, I invite you, and this applies to all brands, tighten all that sets The elements: screw the handle, the mcaniques, the bridge, the tailpiece and belt clip. Finally, here, no problem, the well Coren possdent screwdrivers charges.


Well, Connecting it, this Artisan B4FL (cest her first name) and find, at first, that the bass is rglage lendroit usual highs and Obviously, vice versa. Balance works for the better, fortunately. The bridge pickup is, I got, too plac prs of it: which requires correction by putting more bass, a little more neck pickup. The frquences lgalisation of trs are fretless, which can be a MODEL Gnant freight but does not absolutely drang in the cases we proccupe . The bass is centered around 100 Hz, the mdiums in 400 Hz and 2500 Hz to treble that is perfect for a fretless. Lampl test only confirms the acoustic qualities: she sings beautifully, the dynamics are restored and the grain Fidler Barto is to go, all without parasite requires humbucker. By grinding the rglages, you should get the sound of Jaco Pastorius, CARON Dalain or Mick KARN without much difficulty so you speaks volumes about the capabilities of this instrument. In terms of touch, fingers nexistent not interchangeable, patience


For the budget (about 700, according to the crmerie) dun doccasion instrument worthy of the name, you have a new low with the largest default is a key improvement, a bridge pickup too close of it and low and SETTING THE daigus inverss. Admit that for the price, frankly little cest, and in addition, this Cort is available in 4 colors with a DIFFERENT with the mahogany body. One point, however, my drang, but it is valid for many manufacturers. Why not provide linstrument with a simple cover, which does not grverait specifications, plutt quune beautiful tui cardboard which must still add grips? Eh, why?