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Jebberz 10/16/2006

DeArmond Ashbory : Jebberz's user review


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Original, extremely lightweight, the piezo eliminates interference problems (but can feedback if the amp is really loud), the key is fretless and allows many fantasies.


The light weight and lack of tension of the strings make the instrument very aconfortable to play. it can be used for hours without fatigue no. For cons, the short length of the handle makes the adjustment a little difficult thing and the use of talcum powder so that the strings slide can sometimes be annoying. However, the sound is excellent, especially for the price, and this bass is an inspiration for those who like to experiment with different technical effects.



Big warm sound that approximates a bit of a bass, that really a low potential is particularly high. By the staccato tapping, we arrive at a sound approximating an old analog synth bass. The bcp sonoritée has an amp that does not color the sound or a direct connection to the console.


The adjustment problems overshadowed by the weight, sound, the originality of this bass. Personally, I fell in love with this wonder. Wow!