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Fender Jaco Pastorius Fretless Jazz Bass
Fender Jaco Pastorius Fretless Jazz Bass
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pit797 pit797
Publié le 04/18/08 à 15:44
USA Fender fretless sunburst Jazzbass book in a super kitsch flightcase well with cable, strap (a avoid!), Vintage plate, micro cache, and is based touffoir fingers .. as the total short on old vintage fenders (all non-mont ..
view lutherie not much to say, the select alder body seems to trs good quality varnish is ok but very fragile (no big deal in my opinion, it was not that change much in his feet I have a penchant for old fender all wads of shots!)
handle stocky, c shape of the classic Jazzbass,
pau ferro affects freight with 20 returned.
mcaniques inverss vintage, vintage bridge, chrome knob type and precision.
2 passive electronic vintage microphones Jazzbass volume set, easel and tone as usual ..


Ergonomics, no surprise, is a Jazzbass all there is more standard neck but not know what to expect qd it comes to JB ..


Trs versatile, I use it in jazz, fusion, rock, .. it goes everywhere!
Every good potential level sound, selling grain, softness and prcis a time! (Neck pickup and suddenly the tone 3 / 4)
is a Jazzbass, no surpise and it's a fretless so the sound is right in Jaco, .. but not touching .. pany and with the less ..!
A good dose of patience and a good persvrence rglage and bass sings almost alone!
Small snag at nut, a small tower at the maker will win pe;
It is mounted with Flatwound strings that are taking a bcp larger than a normal nut like the 45-105 is too hollowed and empty strings frieze ..
(Thank you for this idegnial fender!)
Perso, I want to replace the bridge (vintage) by a good big badass III with string-through body .. (more can a medium, more sustain and more attack!)


I control the eyes and ears closed in a shop without having tried, dlais wait 3 months minimum as no stock (even at the supplier), I have for several weeks now and am more satisfied! (I think even more APRS stint at the maker ..) Let's go for a long way together ..
report quality price, you pay the accessories (flightcase and everything in it) but it also pays the quality of the woods! which is not at all ngligeable!
Now to be completely objective, even when there are some that are a little dtails default for an instrument of this price .. a remake, I'll do I do not regret my choice at all but my next stage will be a fretless at the machining end dessu ..!
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