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nibla 02/07/2005

Guild Ashbory : nibla's user review


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Species of "bean" with tiny 4-string silicone (or something else, I do not remember, anyway it's pretty special touch ...)

Weight ridiculous!

fretless neck .. and very plastok micro piezo

basic adjustments (tone, volume, presence)


So, I'm sorry to criticize radical but it is really impossible to play properly, anyway, for my part, I could not get used to it and it's a shame because the sounds are funny, but the size "toy" of the handle may be adapted to any small hands (children), but not a standard template ......
it's really not that good, or perhaps for someone who plays the mandolin and is therefore used to the tiny sleeves!

same point in the balance, here looks back to a head almost as body weight!

when the piezo, it is very low-end and settings are really crappy to do ..
result: ergonomic rotten!


The sounds are really incredible for an instrument this size: large and hyper bass-like REALLY deep sounds of bass, but with one side "rubber" hyper delivered ..

To give you an idea, I'd say imagine the sound of a bass made of latex!

on the other hand, there's this style that can leave ...
here may correspond to the Dub, the Trip-hop, Reggae and other styles that require low Deaf

a slight lack of definition cons!


I bought this bass after a quick test, because I cracked the unique look and sound of this strange toy, alas, after many tests, I can bring myself to sell it because its interface is really shit ...
which is a shame because the sound "bass latex" I liked, and on stage, the mouth of the thing and the contrast between its size and its enormous ridicule had enough attention!

If you come across one, it is imperative to try it for fun, for cons think carefully before you buy!
I put an overall score of 6 because I do not want to penalize a unique instrument in its class!