Jack & Danny 2200A Fretless
Jack & Danny 2200A Fretless

2200A Fretless, Electric Fretless Bass from Jack & Danny.

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NicoMetal85 04/17/2008

Jack & Danny 2200A Fretless : NicoMetal85's user review


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Made in china, I presume
-24 Frets, a music man type microphones and microphone type jazz bass while two active!
-1 Volume, 1selecteur micro, 2-band active
race super late! very nice


Round-fine and pleasant, Highway 24 boxes! (Note: there is no point on the handle to be placed on the photo, right on the side!)
-Access to treble is super
Super-ergonomic low light and at the mouth without the varnish!
-This gives a good sound without trying! remains to be fair without the frets! ;)


This low-suits my style zic! perfect for the technique to metal Quo Vadis or Death! it sounds Di Giorgio alone! I play with in my symphonic metal band HOLY GHOST ( http://www.myspace.com/sainteombre )
I played on a Hartke amp baffle head 350 + w!
-It sounds live! and fretless sound is magic! I also have a Fender Precision Steve Harris and is the perfect complement!
Against by the microphones of the fretless is a little breath!


I use it for 15 days and I felt like a long time!
Just a minor complaint, they could have put the point on the handle as in the photo! but you get used quickly
I did try that before fretless acoustic models! and in my corner no one sells fretless
Qualitée-report / unbeatable price! € 170 on musicstore.de! And this bass is better than some € 500! nothing to say it's good!
I would definitely do it again this election! I even take two! go for it because it's unbelievable for the price!