L. Kah Basses Remige 6 cordes Fretless
L. Kah Basses Remige 6 cordes Fretless

Remige 6 cordes Fretless, Electric Fretless Bass from L. Kah Basses.

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Seb54 05/20/2006

L. Kah Basses Remige 6 cordes Fretless : Seb54's user review


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L. Kah Remigi 6-string Fretless (009/06).

- 6-string fretless (19 mm spacing at the bridge).
- Bolt 5 ply saddle and amaranth.
- Key amaranth 2 octaves 35. "
- Mahogany body. Saddle heating table (spalted mapple).
- Rough Crystal Soapbar pickups.
- Preamp OBP3 Aquilar.
- Mcaniques Hipshot "Ultralite".
- Bridge Hipshot.
- Weight: 3600G.

The woods are just trs well chosen! The table is beautiful like other woods. The violin does not suffer from false note: I did not find any default.


The handle is a rgal play. It is a bit wide but compensated by its low thickness and flat profile. Key benefitted from a flat radius trs. Being unlined fretless, it has only taken on the edge. They are big enough to see them, even in the dark.

Regarding ergonomics, there are few who have given much lower satisfaction. Dj's light weight (3.6Kg) is that you can play longer without hurting his back / shoulders, and yet a good balance trs. There may be sitting and playing without webbing that form can be a problem: the bass tends to drag because the little horn infrieur. But a strap and hop over worries.

Speaking of the Horn infrieur, it gives dernires Access in boxes (well so to speak since it is a fretless) without getting tired and without a fight!


The electronic is composed of:
- Slecteur an active / passive
- 1 slecteur for frquence of mdiums
- A volume knob gnral
- A balance between the button microphones
- A button for mdiums
- A button to double the bass and treble
In acoustic:
- Powerful and precise
- Big fat "moouuuaaaa"
In passive
- Powerful and precise
- Big fat "moouuuaaaa"
- Equilibrated in the low / mid / high (a point that I play almost all the time in liabilities).
Active in:
Getting from the adj t said, Aguilar prampli OBP3 provides a wide range of sounds trs trs! We pass a sound imitating the bass sound more modern trs heavily loaded mdium and acute. It's enough fun and fit perfectly in any style you want to play.


I possde this low since late April 2006.

I will not spit the words, by ordering a bass luthier expected it to be as exceptional as its level finish, comfort and beauty. I must say that with this Remigi I took a slap coronation for various reasons evokes above. And when in addition we face a luthier who is alert our tastes and expectations, while giving us its opinion and advice, it's really a pleasure.

Is what I would do this choice? Rather than 1000 times (and it's not for nothing that I have one on order deuxime xD).