Larrivée RB-2 5C Frettless
Larrivée RB-2 5C Frettless

RB-2 5C Frettless, Electric Fretless Bass from Larrivée.

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splosh 07/18/2006

Larrivée RB-2 5C Frettless : splosh's user review


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Made in Canada by early 1990 Larrivée this bass is the 5 string version of it exists in 4 ... 6 strings.
It has two EMG active pickups (on my model No. 21 in any case, not all), placed type jazz bass. Easel probably simple hyper maker, a micro volume and tone.
A neck through ebony fingerboard with exotic wood in place of frets (defretté by horses).
The curved table is beautiful. varnish reveals tiger maple body. superb.


The long run in tune is pleasant and easy to play, with exceptional access to acute. The B string does not sound masses compared to a shack or even a jazz bass 5C, but I think it is best to mount a B rather than C sharp major, with this low benefits compelling for its chorus with the fire of God. The only real problem is its center of gravity shifted from a small body (very similar to the guitars RS) in relation to the long handle. This is why the pretty head dips ... so I adapted a small sleeve to balance everything. (I replaced one on the picture it was not pretty ...)
The bridge also has a small gap between the strings, which is just a matter of habit ... the weight is correct without being tiring ... hence sustain
Above all, forgive the term: Damn, that sounds deadly without special setting!
I put a note not up to offset the inertia and the spacing of the strings ....


A warm but not extremely low at low redundant, highly sensitive and demanding (frettless). Always expressive sounds that are suitable for a wide range of style, but especially for jazz.
Punk, slap or taping is to forget about this bass.
I usually play on my swr, but often live in a table or in any bass amp. The sound is still very expressive, always changing depending on the type of cabinets / enclosures. A 4x12 does not sound like a 15 inch one ... does not sound like chipboard plywood ....
In any case the lack of adjustment is on them does not allow a wide variety of sound, but it is not what is asked. Expression suave, soft, precise or sharp forget everything else!


I bought it in 1994 I believe when I wanted to try a 5corde, and I quickly made defrétté because it did not ring true. not just playing in the treble ... I do not really regret. Quality level, I do not see what I would change as the sounds are bewitching and disadvantages compared well superflux fun and simplicity of playing this bass. The quality / price ($ 1,800 Canadian, and New year 90) is I think there not bad for this quality. It is now a rare collector ... I think if anyone on one or if you know someone who knows someone who has one, I also know what he thinks. ..