Status Graphite Electro 4
Status Graphite Electro 4

Electro 4, Electric Fretless Bass from Status Graphite.

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hrvcruz 01/03/2013

Status Graphite Electro 4 : hrvcruz's user review

«  Low quality care »

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It is a 4 string fretless bass Brand Status commissioned bespoke Rob Green.
This model is characterized by the Electro hybridization and electroacoustics electric bass.
The bridge piezo and integrating one's body dug with a hearing are borrowed acoustic instruments while the microphones, the preamp Status and handle all carbon is the electric field.
The finishing of the table oiled rosewood is very beautiful and very nice (only downside to this choice: thumb rest eventually mark the table, but that's normal use), the key phenol fretless models reproduces the touch expensive at some epoxy Jaco but fret positions are plotted for increased accuracy (especially in the studio). Delivered in a suitcase Hicox short, the luxury to host the beautiful.


Whether sitting or brought into play the bass naturally hold at 45 °. Its low weight 3.8 kg can be quiet long, the type of bridge can support the right hand "mute" famous live without and other protruding parts. Access to acute Round 2 octaves is very good since there is no heel. Sound Control is very easy: mic volume, volume piezo bass and treble fall under the fingers, an inverter 3-position handle allows you to select mic + piezo, piezo alone mic + piezo bridge. I miss this one config knob mix of two microphones but hey ....


We present to my taste the sound of an instrument rather typed jazz. However, the neck pickup alone can do the job on the rock entering a SVT with crunch we find the famous bass sound cream and mr. Burton, for example. The bridge pickup alone with a master Pino octaver and is not far when we know the number of different artists he accompanied, everything is permitted. However it is in the approach to the game of bass that this "masterpiece" excels the piezo is measure with precision, the color of his extreme treble and subwoofer and there on my TC 212 with HR must be precision because every detail of the game is found, I personally opted for black beauty or flat nets to avoid noise. It should be noted that with traditional cords and a couple good compressor / equalizer slap is not ridiculous and after some time of adaptation, we just aim Les Claypool has shown the way.


Very good instrument, character and personality, without adding ..... she bluffing when I touch it, being a "five addict" I did that accuses him ..... in 5 strings, I left my mother ...... Low Status discoveries are always great and for just € 2,000 at Rob was the custom. In this case the principle of mixing modern and traditional gives an excellent result and the playability is surprising for a fretless bass brief that we can not rest and that is progress.