Boss ME-10
Boss ME-10

ME-10, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the ME series.

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Blitz 06/19/2003

Boss ME-10 : Blitz's user review


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We offer all the classic effects
- Compressor with choice of paramtre time (attack, release) and dynamic
- Noise gate with all custom settings adjustable (seuil. ..)
- Distortion: choice between two overdrives (crunchy) and 2 distortion (big sound). The rglages are then indpendants (distortion, level, equalization
- Equalizer: bass level, treble, medium (semi paramtrique: rglage frquences + level)
- Flange with all of rglages paramtres (depth, velocity modulation ...)
- Phaser with all of rglages paramtres
- Pitch shifter with all of rglages parameter. Possibility of "dsacorder" his guitar by listening to the Tone wish only the pitch signal. May be granted and his guitar without touching the cls.
- Delay: all rglages are possible (feedback, decay, level ..)
- Chorus: all are possible rglages
- Reverb: reverb choices diffrent (flat, room, hall ...) for the settings with SETTING THE

There are also an amp simulator lamp (switch on or off). The sound is much less synthetic.

The entries are in jack
Stereo or mono output
MIDI connection


All effects are editable.
Trs is simple, no need to use the user manual.
- The argument we choose edit
- On the wheel with RULES
That's all

It can trigger effects that you want (compressor + distortion + noise gate delay + reverb and a small example)
Everything can be recorded and each configuration can be assigned a PDAL (4 total + the pedals to select the bank)

Trs easy to use


The effects are really good. I used the same dj pdalier as external effect rack.
Obviously the pdalier is for an electric guitar ...
J'apprcie much noise gate that eliminates the hum when play is stopped! It's quiet you'd think the amp is dyed!
Distortion combined with the dynamic effects (compressor + equalizer) is IDAL to his own sound of scratching!
The ME 10 is versatile trs. It is suitable for a big metal sound, a sound bluesy, solo sound plan, a clear round and a warm ... in short we do what we want with.

Only the automatic wha wha trs is not useful. is not a substitute for true wha wha due to the modulation regularly. But the quality is good all the same.


Is there anything that requires:
- Temporal effects and dynamic
- All possible rglages
- All combined effects
- A good qualitbr trs /> - a simplicity of use