Boss ME-20
Boss ME-20

ME-20, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the ME series.

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FlOo134 01/07/2013

Boss ME-20 : FlOo134's user review

«  happy. »

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Audience: Beginners
full effect, means to do good toy!

But it gave me a lot of time without scratching ...


very easy to edit, understand. But to find the right sound, it's hard!


and no good!

it depends on what we put behind! This is still an entry level!


Audio multi-effects pedal that allowed me to go away. I started with, I am now a player not too bad ...
For three, I use this pedal.

The sound is average as it gets if you not spend a lot of time to do its presets. To get the sound you want, you have to spend a lot of time ...
it is for an amp / speaker not too bad.

After you with a small amp input range ... I heard she made miracle!

Otherwise, great start, the wah is nice, knob too!

I do not know if I would buy this ... I have not tried others, I got it as a gift.