Boss ME-33
Boss ME-33

ME-33, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the ME series.

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metal 11/10/2003

Boss ME-33 : metal's user review


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The ME-33 is a multi-effect type pdalier; is the branch before the amp or an effects loop if possible and DIFFERENT changes are made directly on the multi-purpose. The ME-33 is low on COSM technology ("Composite Object Sound Modeling", or
"Modlisation Composite Object Sound" in French) dvelopp by Roland / BOSS. Therefore implies that the technology by mule DIFFERENT effects, amps, etc. to re-create a sound close to the original.

This includes multi-purpose all PRS is little boss effects, distortions and overdrives, compressor, phaser, flanger, equalizer bands 4 (frquence paramtrable), wah, chorus, delay ...
It also possde an amp simulation (metal, Roland JC-120, twin ...). Another possibility consists in the micro simulation. Turn your single coil pickups with humbuckers (this option is a gimmick because of a lower efficiency).

The expression pedals can rgler volume, or use it as pedals for wah, pitch bend, or moduleur of the ring.

This raises the following CRER a small effect, such as a compressor, a qualiseur, an amp simulator, delay and reverb.

In total, 30 groups of 10 banks, each bank consisting of three effects presets. With rglages factory (rebooted any time), you'll get 60 presets prpars, which is a good basis for dpart you inhale.

In addition, EZ (easy)-Tone allows you to discovering the effects typical for the country, from the hard metal or effects spciaux 7-string guitar.

Option Tuner lets you tune your guitar (very useful, because It is not necessary to unplug the jack). Mode "phrase trainer" allows you to record a segment for the Entran piece. The play, pause, stop, etc ... this segment recorded while the pdalier, which is handy. In addition, an option allows you to rduire the tempo without changing pitch (pitch).


The grip of ME-33 is plutt comfortable, especially with its instruction manual. This is the boss, so the manual is concrete. If you buy this model used (which is the case then srement BOSS stopped producing it), you arange to get the manual. Otherwise, you will not compltement lost, but you may miss bcp of useful options.

All programming is done via effects effects 6. A good-sized screen displays the effects DIFFERENT chose the title of the preset s'crit of 6 characters, impossible to be up the pole in the edition. Some buttons copy, write, and read all the options with presets.

So nothing complicated with the use. on the other hand, it will take some time to get used to the effects and poduire a sound that throws a little. We must draw on the effects and must not fiddle hsiter for hours.


The great default pdalier this is that when you move from one preset to another, cut a few lgre second penny is heard. Nothing really grve you tell me. But if in the middle of a song, the sound is muted when you engage your mega big sound distortion, has been less immediately. The manual mode allows some level this problem, in this mode, each CONTRL pedals do change over bank / preset, but enables / disables the effect of the chain. There is no break, except for the amp simulator. So it's a good way to enable / disable a distortion, but if you want to add distortion, remove and disable qualiseur an amp simulator, you will have to play the octopus ... So a bad point of the ct slction presets (a pdalier remains of all fawns!).

Moreover, the effects are of good quality. I warn you right away; n'esprez not get the mega distortion of the Mesa Dual Rectifier and the ME-33 is an entry-level pdalier. However, the effects are satisfactory trs. The highlight of this pdalier remains its versatility, a whole range of distortion available, the hyper saturated fuzz to the sound lgrement crunchy, a eq Settings, and wah, etc ... all remaining trs satisfactory. With an amp with good clean sound, you can take a toll!

I used this with a guitar pdalier team of EMG ESP (with adjustable gain), I got very good sounds big. It is also necessary that the receiver follows; used a Fender Princtone65 (50 Watts) is not a. on the other hand, on a Marshall 50 watt head, a good start spitting.


I used this pdalier for over 2 years, first with a Start (single coil pickups) and then with an ESP F-200 LTP. I t trs satisfied, especially since I play commentary. So for beginners or for someone who is not seeking to have ON prcis well, but plutt a panel of different sound (country, blues, heavy, grunge), is the id al.

In addition, the price worth it (bought approx. 400 EUR nine) especially when it is rolled beginners and not gold.

As I change my amp to make a head and a multi purpose rack, I'll sell my ME-33. With all of the same a touch of nostalgia, it served me well for many RPTES gruff!