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sully05 12/28/2006

Korg AX5G : sully05's user review


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- 16 Guitar Amp Simulators
- 10 speaker simulation
- 58 types of effects
- Six effects can be used simultaneously
- Number of programs: 40 users, 40 Presets
it's very realistic digital multi effects I think the effects are editable but not PC they were recorded directly on the pedal jack connection 6.35.


So easy, you plug it, it tickles the switch and it's 30 seconds left. For the edition is fairly easy, a lil tour in the manual and it includes, yes the manual is clear enough but a little proofreading is not hard to understand certain passage.


The effects are very realistic, all tailored to one or two that are not very useful.
The distortion is great and the wha wha and other reverbs.
I play with a peavey raptor exp Despite the quality over low level of my guitar pedals that raise the noise level of my guitar.


I use it for a week, it's really a great product if you do not have deep pockets this multi effects are great, very versatile, I did not try many other multi effects but that seems to me to very good.
I would do this choice because it has multiple effects value for money very very interresting