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MGR/James Worrell 11/06/2003

Korg G1 : MGR/James Worrell's user review

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I bought this guitar effects pedal from Pearsons music company in Greenville, NC
I believe I paid around $275.00 for the unit.

This processor is a sharp looking unit with
a pretty accessible user interface. The layout isn't confusing at all. It has amp and cabinet modeling which is pretty common on new effects processors. There are plenty of delays, echos, and reverbs. There are whole array of effects; classic chorus, stereo chorus, a couple of kinds of phasers, a reverse auto wah type thing called a filtron and more. There are like ten pedal effects, and most pedal effects can be used with the other effects. There are too many features to mention all the features, but some key selling are Dolby noise reduction, chromatic tuner, 8 second sampling and reverse playback, and lastly 2 3 1/2 inch stereo outputs.

There are't too many things I don't like about this processor. I would hope that Korg just improve upon the features they already have and add knew ones for their future products.

There are a couple of things that Korg can do to improve upon the design. The uint is mostly metal but some of the knobs look like they can take a whole lot of abuse. Since abuse is inevitable for live shows they should "rugged-ize" the thing a little. Also they should (and this complaint is for all floorboard processors) make the channel and user program switches metal. Many high end floorboards for guitar amplifier head units have this and the switching of programs the most accurate. The Toneworks' plastic button are adequite for most people, but if you have to do a lot of program changes it a little harder.

This processor is not the state of the art and I have seen better ones than this. For the price, however this pedal allows you do some a few unconventional things with it so can create an original sound and thats all you really need, until you have a lots of money.

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