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MGR/dz 01/09/2003

Korg PX4 : MGR/dz's user review

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I purchased this locally at Keepers Music for $199. I mainly wanted a personal headphone amp for my Steinberger, but once I heard the effects, I had to have this box!

The box has a ton of effects for its size. The noise gate is much better than my Korg AX1G effects pedal. The multitude of knobs and switches allow you to change things without scrolling through a menu. The small size allows packing it, plus extra batteries, cables, adapters and bud headphones in my gigbag storage pocket. I'm still on my first set of batteries, probably because I haven't used the backlight very much. That backlight is a nice touch as my AX1G pedal I use at church is difficult to see. The PX4 comes with a clip that hangs itself upside down on your guitar strap, so moving through the house under battery power while jammin' is possible. The clip would also allow you to hang the PX4 on the top edge of a solid music stand. The rythm and bass lines are fun to practice with to get your lead riffs fine tuned. Thirty seconds of recording built in to loop and jam along. Or plug in your CD player, record, and learn to play along at a slower pace. For something different, try the E-L-P or SYNTH setting.

I'm not sure you could gig with it as easily as a pedal board. When it hangs from the guitar strap, you can't see the display unless you twist the unit more horizontal. Could be a cool design in the PX5 to provide a swivel display! ALso, gigging possibilities would be improved if a footswitch input was provided to allow hands-off capabilities.

It's a plastic case contining electronics so it's not meant to be thrown, dropped, stomped on, or have something spilled on it! But the metallic blue facing looks sharp and works well for my needs. Many people have commented to me on how such a tiny box can have so many sound variations!

I thought about just a headphone on mini amp when looking to suppliment my Steinberger. After trying the PX4, I have found new opportunities for expanding my level of playing. A few design changes in the future could make this a perfect unit. But if it was stolen or broken, I'd buy another...or maybe wait for the next generation (with footswitch???). I give it a 4 for size, usability, and design.

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