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MGR/Billy 01/14/2011

Peavey Delta Stomp : MGR/Billy's user review

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This is a review for the Peavey Delta Stomp. Before I get ahead of myself; this pedal runs only on a 16 volt 1 amp power supply. Don't buy this unless it comes with a working power supply!

Once you are beyond that. This is a cool little effects unit. I guess it is considered a multi effects unit, but there is no confusing LED screen and pedal to patch up and down. Just a simple rotary knob that adjusts the effects.

The effects to choose from are: 3 reverbs, 3 delays, tremelo, chorus, phaser, flanger, wah (adjustable through addt'l controller) auto wah and a cool rotary speaker.

My local shop had one of these on clearance. No idea what it usually ran for, but it cost me around $50 with the power supply.

Solid box! The chorus and delays were great. At the time there weren't many reasonably priced leslie effects.

As I mentioned the power supply is weird. You almost need to get the factory one for this pedal to work.

Other than that, a pretty straight forward pedal.

Rock solid. Peavey has always impressed me with their build quality. Everything seems rock solid.

A great box packed full of cool effects. Keep an eye out and make sure you are getting a working power supply with yours.

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