Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn II
Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn II
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Ceddie1974 05/27/2004

Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn II : Ceddie1974's user review


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I possde this little bote for three weeks now.

I do not regret my purchase!
Ct effects, are the classic Flanger and Chorus (the chorus are sharp and good pais ... trs) and ct originality there are filters to beat sync, arpeggiator simulations ( Imagine the feeling you can use one arpeggiator with guiatre! Super trip! must rgler But its difficult to mix because intgrable following the style of music you play) ...

Ct amp simulation, not bad ... even if I miss a bass too DEFINITIONS Submitted ... I dbrouille rglant in the bass down and handing the win to my mixing desk ... hack quick death).

This little camera is digital and is one of the hack. It is opposite a rear output L / R, one between phones and input in mono ... jack it all in 6.35. Finally there is also an in and out midi ... and it is the the craft becomes gnial. Indeed, the filters are synchronized via MIDI with other devices! For me, it's a mc 909 which sets the pace! Trs and spit it! In addition the intgration the south of bote is almost transparent ... in other words, no need to be a killer in the afternoon to run the machine!

My regret at the outputs is the output and non prsence between numriques ... Aurat a beautifully restored bote intgrable in a home studio while numrique! A plug-in hardware in some way! May be the next!

I told you that this is the bote rgne the hack! So much so that we may regret the absence of a PC editor worthy of the name! I contact the socity Roger Linn to ask if they are going to have an editor ... rponse: priori it is not on the agenda ... but by their own admission, they receive many requests to do so! So ... Outstanding!


The config of the bote is Drout at first: it is a grid matrix (a grid of sorts) that allows you to navigate through custom settings!
In beginners, the head, we try (and it is also the ct gnial Discoveries of an instrument) ... then quickly you realize that becoming a trs ergonomic use since everything is accessible without faade menus, submenus, etc. ... gnial! Only four hidden effects are accessible with a little manipulation!
The edition is the easiest Manir the world! You have 99 factory presets can not be modified ... and 99 user presets which take those plants that are modifiable! One hack, one finds its sound, its effect and recorded! Very simple!
The manual is in English ... but even a sincrement hutre English is able to understand it! It is brief but clear and trs pdagogique!


The effects of type chorus, flanger and delay (ultra powerful) are certainly effective, but traditional, warm and pais! One wonders at times if it is really all numrique!

The effects of such filters are roginaux see trs original which makes some difficulty in intgrable mix that I would call the classics! But they are against one (yet!) Musical exploration! A real pleasure!

In fact I use this in many config bote ... I did get a mc 909, a skyscraper and even my voice! Each time, it's fascinating!

We must also mention the rhythm intgre bote ... It is ultra simple but highly effective ... the sounds are amazing and well sr beat is synchronized and controllable via MIDI! Anyway ... Enter a scraper, turn the knobs (notched race infinite effective and quality okay ... except for rglagge gain knob is a real shit! Small and sticks to the fingers to resume expression of a reporter recording musician), made it all out in a hifi and the whole is sufficient dj itself thanks to the impact and pace bote!


I said ... I use it for 3 weeks and I m'clate with!

I love his ultra ct accessible (even if some knowledge of audio can help) thanks the hack ...
I love the power of these effects!
I love the possibility to remove the box by separating rhythm and guitar into a mixing desk

I regret the gain knob, which I RPET is not worthy of being on this machine
I regret the absence of an editor PC / Mac to push the hack even further!
I regret the absence of Sortite / between numriques!

I got it for 359 euros at Thomann! No regrets! Report qualitprix trs good! Report his / gnial exprience!

I do it again this choice without problem!