TC Electronic G-Major
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rockline69 02/12/2005

TC Electronic G-Major : rockline69's user review


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The characteristics of the G-Majors are tempting: a max-quality effects, a max of presets, a pseudo-professional, rack ...
The principles of modulation and MIDI are very good.
The screen was OK and many settings.


The usage is really bad!!

This product tends to deteriorate physically very quickly (see the forum).
After a year of use alone, I had to return to the technical service to change a wheel. A year later, the wheel starts to not work properly which is annoying.
In addition, the buttons are quite fragile and I fear there is some deteriorating.
It should be stressed however that the manual is fairly complete.
Finally, there are many settings which can be quite specific about the sound (at the expense of simplicity).


I use the G-Major with an electric guitar, a JMP1, and an EL34 100/100 FCB1010 pedals.
The sound is pretty average overall.
For me, some effects are superb (reverb, delay ...) but other highly (see over) means (filters. ..).
It lacks, however, the effect Wha-wha (which may however end up with some settings but it's not very nice).
Otherwise, I find it quite transparent: it does not add too much his own grain.

Finally, the settings of the volume levels are quite difficult to master which is quite unpleasant!


I use this product for 3 years.
What seems most important to remember the G-Major, it is too fragile for such a low price, you have to make concessions on materials.
Even the software implementation was sloppy (given the number of updates done)!

I think I'm about to sell this product to invest in a new multi-purpose as the G-Major seems to be a low-end product (which does not suit me) pretty bad.