TC Electronic G-System
TC Electronic G-System

G-System, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from TC Electronic in the G-System series.

loudfunk 03/27/2011

TC Electronic G-System : loudfunk's user review

« Jack of all trades.... »

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Multi effects box/floor controller...that lets you use 9 build in effects simultaneously. Has 4 external loops with 9 volt power supply to use your own stomp boxes with it. And an insert loop for easy integration with amps with effects loops or pre/power amp set-ups with the 4 cable method.
Has the typical effects we've all come to expect like delay, verb, modulation, pitch, compression, filter, etc...
Has no overdrive effects. The only way to get a modulated delay is by using delay into chorus. Routing of effects are good, as in serial, parallel options. It's no Axe-Fx or Eventide H8000 in terms of routing but for it's price point it does a fine job.


I used it with 4 cable method and to relay switch between heads and channels of heads.

Guitar into the G-system, Insert loop sent to the amp, amp's effects loop back to the G-system, and its putout to the head's effects return jack. This way the compressor, modulation type effects as well as my external stomp boxes in the G-system's loops are in front of the amp, the delay, pitch, and reverb after the amp's pre-amp.
The G-systems relay switch is plugged into the amp's channel switching jack with one of the G-system's switches assigned to it. This way I can not only switch the channels of my amp, I can also have my preset where the amp's cannel is included. As in...a preset with the amps channel 1 and an external overdrive pedal, delay and reverb, and the next has amp channel B, a pitch shifter and so on....
Also the G-system gives you a boost which technically isn't a boost. The concept is the overall level gets reduced by whatever decibel amount you chose and when you need a boost you basically stomp on the switch and have unity gain....boosting your signal by what you previously cut it.


The effects were fine, I really like the pitch shifter actually preferred it to my Eventide Eclipse. The delays and verbs didn't do it for me. Compressor was nice, filter were also not my thing.


I loved the convenience and integration of the G system it is very well thought out, but ultimately I ended up rack mounting its brains and using it as a floor controller. And when I went back to racks I realized that an Eventide Eclipse and external midi controller worked much better for me, and ultimately the Fractal Axe-Fx retired both set-ups for me.

I guess my point is...if you set-up is a few stomp boxes and a channel switching amp this is a great way to make for less tap dancing during songs, but when you start extending the amount of gear you carry dedicated units are a better way to approach this.