TC Electronic Nova System
TC Electronic Nova System

Nova System, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from TC Electronic in the Nova series.

phil2208 10/12/2011

TC Electronic Nova System : phil2208's user review


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see website for features

everything is not editable via PC but not useful

it's not a rack is a pedal

analog (od and distortion) and digital everything else

Complete lack of USB connection but it's not not the spirit of the thing


great config not complicated but not simplistic

manual clear but brief as this is the site of tc full info if needed

editing? easy


quality? top !!!!!! listen to the delays and other shifters detune it's clear clear pro I use a gibson les paul 58 reissue and an all-tube Laney L5T hp celestion

everything is good: the overdrive and distortion is analog not digital understood that means you can turn down the volume on the guitar that keeps the dynamic simulations like no tricks or was all or nothing

it's simple: I put the distortion with the gain to 20 (max is 30) delay and reverb on the neck pickup and the volume was 5 les paul I have a good crunch blues and round we feel the attack behind but clean and defined, and presto! I switch the toggle switch and I spend about two microphones has the upper back and it tumbles and then I switch the switch again to finish the micro acute and bam!

and same if I move the knobs of tone

Brief shades are made as they should be


then understand it: this thing is very well thought out guitar is not for cosmonauts computer sound engineer plumber (I have nothing against eh)

it is a rig of pedals at his feet who walks the fire of God in front of an amp on the clean channel
I know ... it can be frustrating to say that his great tube amp only serves as a power amp and often when one returns to the distortion of the amplifier is that the multi effect in question has no grain ... ,.... but he

my laney l5t112 is not the last of dung (excuse me if I fart but it's to say), well the nova with its crunch makes it both a perfect front and it's rare .. . especially with the distortion

icing on the cake: If your amp crunch you look great and you have the best overdrive pedal shops at 500 euros each, while the nova erase the drive to get quietly through the loop of your amp with the line imput (and some level adjustments) and you take advantage of the delay and reverb, or they must be ... and other bad effects as

I forgot: the sound cleans are to die but you guessed because of a clean if you Casez a chorus and a delay of tc tc you will understand quickly!

I pass on the compressor, chorus, who are intelligent picth shifter top and allow to sculpt will see the video of Ron Thal for the compressor is subtle

2 modes: pedal in play play preset or take pedal play it scrolls through presets but also in each preset you can enable or disable the effects as if you have the pedals in chain

ha yes ... there is also noise gate and EQ: EQ I then with my boost or lower frequencies to find me the mediums that go to a blues, and you can dig your mids for cold metal sound that I ' not like it but hey

and those who say that the crunch is not going far enough to the metal? so they like what pickups? may be tired? (Micro) burstbuckers me I just sent it to Gibson and

Then of course you will find people who will say yes but you can not do with the method 4 cables ... ouiiiiinnnnnnnnnn!

it's true! but what is it with the nova? to a distortion of the nova in front of the amp and effects in the loop of the amp.

yeah. except that if you want to buy it a distortion, turn the front (it will be as good as the nova) and put the nova in the loop of the amplifier

then the method is 4 cables for those who want the cake and butter
and 280 euros opportunity for such a quality sound ben um they have already a very good creamy butter

value for money: even at the cost of nine (390) is top

I had a boss GT6 TONELAB POD XT it has nothing to do and yet it was worth as much if not more

modeling we get tired quickly even if the lack of momentum for the home studio is very well
for a true sound better the nova, the config is classic, one that makes the guitar sound to which we return, with the known effects that give the grain rather than 457 gadgets, amps, soap boxes, placement of microphones , room size, color sofa Ocean Way recordings etc etc