bbhack 10/10/2014

Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 : bbhack's user review

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I think the feature has already been mentioned on AF and if everything is on


Everything could not be more simple. The only problem I can find is still the size of the knobs, but bein heard to compact you can hardly do better.
Great being able to combine SansAmp / plexi / delay and reverb side SansAmp. It gives many combinations at the feet (or hands if we are home stud).
In terms of use it is still great: a small pedal that slides into the bag of the guitar, utlisable at home, home stud among friends, in the studio ... the tap tempo delay, brief prime.


Then I found that the account is not there unfortunately :( .
Let me explain: the SansAmp sounds are good, but in dire need of bubbly from the two pedals of the Character series (Bonde and California). Anyway for possessing a Blonde and make qq trials with California, I far preferred rendering pedals that I find much more vibrant and dynamic
The reverb is very valuable even if I find a hair courte.Le delay is fine, probably the most successful side of the pedal.
The plexi part left me very skeptical. In small doses it happening is very very nice for a sound a bit like srv, but when you go up it gets a little rough very quickly. It reminds me of the filthy old Fender blackface push the sound plexi saturation, but I'm not expert on the subject. In fact I find her much more fun if we disregard the plexi part to paste a pedal od upstream.
Note that I have used in my house with a chain correctly without professional sound so far (sound card and two small 6i6 Focusrite Fostex pm5), with my two favorites, and a telecaster baja 339 es and OCD Fulltone upstream.


I admit I bet a lot of hope in this little gizmo because I know Tech 21 SansAmp since 1 in '92 to more recent creations (GT2, Blonde, amps Trademark). So I was disappointed at the height of my hopes :( .
In fact I find this very nice little pedal, practical and highly innovative. However it should still not ask him too. Certainly it sounds very decent, much better than 98% of hard and soft digital simulation. As against this is far from the promise put forward: 'Get 5 "must-have" gigging pedals for the third cost at 1/3 the size, sans pro Sacrificing quality tone.' Certainly it is marketing but generally at Tech 21 there was little difference between marketing and reality. The well was 3.5 effects but not without sacrifice of quality.
For use home-studio owner not too demanding is fine, but otherwise, I think it does not do too much ... For my part, I kept qq days, the time to shop around and see that it did not suit me.