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garsric 05/09/2006

Yamaha FX500 : garsric's user review


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What are the effects or types of effects available?
-Mod (chorus / flanger / symphonic / tremolo)

What technology is used?

What is the connection?
Between jack-
-2 Output jack (left right)
From noon-
Jack-between for the bypass footwitch

MODEL 1 / 2 rack

A self-wha t have fun


When we are not used to program this kind of thing quite boring c, but the factory presets are nice and the dj manual explains well, so a will.
Rglages say that are not made by knobs, but more or less APRS button you have selected the function argler. Damage, but given the size of the thing, there was no room for the knobs.


I find them as well plutt rglages are trs trs prcis, but I could never compare to anything other than a V-amp x. So I put 10 but without much comparison.


I use it for a year and I am happy but I do not base trs fond of effects. When the ratio quality price ... I have been given. When the choice ... same thing
I also think that must be nice to have a pdalier noon but I could not test it. I do not think a thing worth the boss gt thing and another, as little effect but it makes a lot plutt.