Zoom G1
Zoom G1

G1, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the G1 series.

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MGR/Billy 03/18/2011

Zoom G1 : MGR/Billy's user review

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This is the G1 multi effects pedal by Zoom. This is the most basic one they make. No expression pedal or crazy extra knobs just a simple selection of delays, reverbs, modulation effects, distortions and a few amp sims.

New these are only $50. I found mine used for $39 at Guitar Center with a factory power supply. You can run these on the power supply or 4 AAA sized batteries.

I used this generally as a practice amp. It has a tuner, plenty of cool sounds and a built in drum machine. You can adjust the tempo to a variety of drum beats.

The drum machine is worth it alone for this pedal. Fine tune what BPMs you want and bam, much cooler than a boring metronome.

The Harmonizing effects are cool as is the tracking for the octave effects.

The 2 footswitches are semi limiting. Say you like patch 31 and then want to go to patch 11 you have to down click 20 times. No big deal for practicing, just no ideal for live playing.

Plastic knobs, box and jacks. It has held up well, but I would be careful with it. One good drop or drink spill and I see this as a door stop.

A great practice tool! If you are without an amp, want a few basic drum beats to jam with, a built in tuner here you go.

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