Zoom MultiStomp MS-100BT
Zoom MultiStomp MS-100BT

MultiStomp MS-100BT, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the MS series.

TheJeff666 05/09/2013

Zoom MultiStomp MS-100BT : TheJeff666's user review

«  nice, stereo, but resolutely digital »

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Value For Money : Excellent
all that can be found in a modern digital multi effect or any ... simple editing by the pedal, relatively simple to handle. digital technology, it means clearly.
strong point of the pedal, it is stereo input and output (due to my purchase). wifi connection for consume even more, I have not tested in principle, I do not want to leave the dough to the heirs of steve jobs, this multi effect is sufficiently complete in the state for me.
Another good point for this pedal, no configuration imposed. such a compressor 1, a drive in 2 amp simulator in 3, then modulated and delay and reverb ... I hate ca. if you want to use 6 chorus chain, release and try it can do. 6 with good chorus is a shit, but try several phaser and flanger it can be very nice ...
A very creative tool so by design.


configuration and simple and well thought out ergonomics, no need for manual if you have ever used a multi effect.


well I'll be honest, I am a fundamentalist of pure ... I was just looking for a cheap multi effect only for the phaser, flanger, delay, digital, ring and other esoteric effects, stereo, in order to also deal with synths and other tracks in the mix.
I have not even tried the drive and distortion or amp simulators, I have everything you need at home, while analog or good old lamps. ditto for the reverb, I have a eventide, for chorus I have a DC2 boss, and analog delay for a deluxe memory boy ... So for the rest, flanger, phaser, ring, digital delay ... well it does the job very well, but the sound is not clear digital and respect the personality of your set if you use live in the amp or in an effects loop in series ...
Personally, I use auxiliary (except experimentation and sound design on synth sometimes it adds shine), and it's perfect, I keep the personality of the Treaty, by wetting a bit with the pedal we arrive at a very good sound and beautiful environments.


Excellent quality / price. used for two months, I am very satisfied because a full 100 € secondhand, recent multi stereo effect and well thought out, very creative, easy to take in hand, the size of a pedal, without limitation in the chaining effects that can not refuse ... effective in an auxiliary (either live or in the studio), not transparent live (always digital signature sound despite progress ...). I have try almost everything in the field of multi digital effects. I sold the pods, the mm6, the boss GT xxx tc electronic. The one, it makes the job and I keep (in desperation ...). It will allow me to wait and save to buy me is a big eventide, a series of pedals analos stereo. do not fool anyway ...