Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone 2011
Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone 2011

Les Paul Studio Baritone 2011, Electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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j'arrete demain 11/22/2011

Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone 2011 : j'arrete demain's user review

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made in the United States (engraved cowboy way behind the head)
rosewood neck 24 frets, medium frets
settings for a classic LP: 2 volumes, 2 tones with the selector microphones at the top (most convenient for my taste the selector at the bottom)
honey burst finish superb: simple and tasteful
comes with a fly-box-specific format, aesthetic, strong and neat


typical LP neck thick, perfect for me playing with fingers
it is heavy, but the length of the handle restores the balance: the normal rock LP ever ass, here it is not the case.
access to acute (24th case) without worry.


depends on the sound of strings and pickups. for microphones, I'm not a fan of them. agree, I think they deliver sound a bit messy, especially the neck pickup (496R), which I replaced with a gibson p94 (a p90, single coil, humbucker format, € 77 in toto, and 30 min of work).
Of the three positions of the selector, three sounds well-typed:
pickup: a bit dirty so aggressive in crunch clash
Two microphones: rich, dug for rhythmic jazz-funk
neck pickup: its fat jazz-blues (with much more depth and presence with p94)
for strings, I find that those mounted home are too light in such a tuning. I've changed for the bella 14-70. It's better to touch, but the sound is a little flat and uneven one string to another. Tuning in C provides better tension. I will edit after a test in 14-72 Ernie Ball strings.
I am very demanding on the sound, so I just Motes. This is normal since it is the guitar of my dreams, so I want the perfect ...


I for 1 month. I bought it in order to sing in tones below the mid-load. That arch-comfortable when we're tired of tiring in his voice registers a bit too sharp. but I have found other unique advantages:
the implementation in more serious tones gives an original character to the music, the tone and sound
have fun with a looper to turn a bass line, a rhythm and chorusser with the same instrument. it's great for composing or live
in beef with other instruments (especially wind) just a capo to be comfortable in all keys, thanks to the incredible scope of the register of the intrument, which sounds good throughout the race: one can have a good sound with a capo in the 10th box!

It was a thunderbolt in store for ergonomics, perfect handle for my taste, the look of the beast ... So for touch and vision. Ear (most, you will say) it was not that, but after changing the neck pickup, it is close to the ideal I was looking for. It remains to find the right strings.