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clysthène 04/24/2013

Ibanez ARZ307 : clysthène's user review

«  Excellent violin »

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The Ibanez guitar ARZ307 is 100% mahogany body and neck, the fingerboard is rosewood. The neck is glued nesting is done in such a way that one has the impression that it is through. The bridge is fixed. The tuners are Gotoh oil bath type everything there is more standard. It covers 2 octaves (24 frets). Two passive humbuckers, one tone control, a volume and a 3-position switch. It is a 7-string. It was made in China in 2011.


The increase from 6 7 string is no problem so the handle is comfortable and well sized. I do not have big hands, and yet I did not feel any particular discomfort on the grip that this is the increased width or length of the pitch.
Balance is a success. The weight is very well distributed. The player does not suffer any discomfort.
Access to treble from the single-cutaway shape is perfect. The sustain is long set neck forces. We recover the dark side of mahogany, it's deep. Despite tuning in A (ADGCFAD), tuning is easy and takes over time. A small adjustment handle opening the door of the truss rod, and go! In short, a violin perspective, gameplay is a 10/10.


The guitar is plugged. I go through the pedals on an all-tube amp.
The micro neck is nice, round and full. Perfectly usable light, it brings a lot of heat. A little rough with overdrive, but perfectly usable for coloring some solos. Everything is to play well in untying the notes on the lower strings to get something coherent. It goes well with mahogany because despite its fullness, it brings on attacks a very special resonance in the high-mids (a kind of "kwink" on lightweight duck). It is subjective, but I think the micro neck is a nice surprise and will remain a few years mounted on my guitar.
The micro bridge meanwhile is a big shit. A very high level of course but it is very rough output agreements out badly, with overdrive or distortion, the seventh string is simply unworkable. But I have changed all possible settings on my pedals and my amp, it's still nothing to clean the 4 most high strings. On the other, it's bad. Mediums are non-existent, suddenly no attack. With mahogany already much darker, then it's downright dull, on a 4-note chords, basic does not come out, we perceive only the fourth. Ibanez has not laughed client on the violin, for against the micro bridge completely.
I will make an edit when I have mounted a Dimarzio DP706 taking care to set the bar towards the bridge.


So a few days that I use and I enjoy thanks to its gameplay. However, I am very disappointed (though not surprised) the quality of the micro bridge is to throw.
Just by his violin, this is a bargain. You just have 100 euros more to change the micro bridge! Without it I would have put a 10.