Ibanez RG7420 [2000-2002]
Ibanez RG7420 [2000-2002]

RG7420 [2000-2002], Electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitar from Ibanez in the RG Standard series.

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madcat 05/24/2004

Ibanez RG7420 [2000-2002] : madcat's user review


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Made in Japan, 24 frets, finish rather simplistic but it's mouth;)
this guitar is equipped with a floyd, which is very much the tuning, I did the almost never connects and although it is a 7-string, the floyd is flexible trs.
1 volume and a tone that is quite effective but I do not ever used.
Ibanez V77 two microphones (for 7 of V7 chords what) that are capable of big sound as beautiful clear sound, a 5 way switch that allows the splitter singles in various combinations (there must be an explanation of the site ibanez;))
Channel wizard wizard or two I do not know ...


It took me nine and I would have been 9.5
The handle is flat trs under the thumb and it's clear why I chose this guitar, access to the treble is very ais until the 22nd case (of 24 but good after I do not know if it is the vocation of this guitar). Ergonomics are good trs, finally it is a RG which, as well lgre.
And finally to the sound, the bah five selector positions allow a great flexibility.


I just have changed his style of music, I always get the sound I want (to know now BIG) but it is not an esp with active pickups. If not for clean sounds, using the neck pickup sound j'obtient trs net yet using a Marshall VS 100.
By the way I put the gain back its saturated.


I have 4 years now and if I had more money, I would keep her only default now for me is that I need only 6 strings.
I tried also in Jackson and ESP 7 string, but playing comfort level => Ibanez J4ai chosen!
Finally I would do this choice if I wanted a 7 string, in 4 years I find it still going strong.